In sauces and dressings, locust bean gum and partially hydrolyzed tara gum are often employed for their ability to form a pseudoplastic gel with xanthan, and to improve mouth feel.

Our partially hydrolyzed guar gums are used to achieve exceptionally creamy mouth feel with pseudoplastic flow properties.

Tragacanth has high acid stability and is especially useful as a water-soluble thickening agent for sauces and dressings with low pH.

Better adhesion between meat and water in meat preparations can be achieved with karaya gum. Karaya gum works as an emulsifier between protein, fat and water.

NameLocust bean gum (E 410), guar gum (E 412), tara gum (E 417), tragacanth gum (E 413), gum karaya (E 416), xanthan (E-415)
Brand namePOLYGUM®
Product names13-1-125, 14/1-125
440 series
240 series
EXT series
EXK series
Raw materialLocust beans kernels, guar splits, tara splits, gum tragacanth, gum karaya
FunctionalityPlant-based thickening agent, gelling agent and stabilizer
MixturesPolygal AG also produces customer-specific mixtures for these areas of application.
ContactFor detailed questions, please contact us at


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