Our products are used in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and as excipients (processing/delivery aids etc.). Many of these products have been described in monographs in different Pharmacopeias.

Our products are standardized according to the methods of the Pharmacopeia and/or prepared in accordance with customer requirements and are primarily used as active ingredients for control of blood sugar and cholesterol, as excipients for the preparation of suppositories and as tablet disintegrants.

Our European production facilities make use of highly effective processes and robust quality assurance systems to ensure that our customers' strictest requirements are met.

Guar gum and its derivatives as well as tragacanth, karaya gum and gum arabic are natural products that are used in a vast range of formulations.

These additives are available in standard qualities, both in accordance with recognized monographs (European Pharmacopoeia, United State Pharmacopeia and National Formulary, British Pharmacopeia) and in accordance with customer-specific requirements.



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