Pharmaceutical guar gum has applications as a thickening agent and emulsion stabilizer in gels, creams and salves.

Pharmaceutical karaya gum is used as a natural adhesive, especially for use with dentures, either alone or in combination with pharmaceutical gum arabic. It is appropriate for daily use over long periods of time.

In colostomy rings for stoma pouch, pharmaceutical karaya gum is used as a swelling body. By swelling up, it creates a fluid-proof barrier. As a natural substance, it triggers very few allergic reactions compared to other materials.

NameGuar gum, tragacanth, gum karaya, gum arabic
Brand name
Product names
Guar cyamosidis semini pulvis (Ph.Eur.)
Guar galactomannan (Ph.Eur.)
Guar ggum (USP-NF)

EXT pharma series, EXK pharma series, EXA pharma series

Raw material
Guar gum splits, tragacanth, gum karaya, gum arabic
Emulsion stabilizer, natural thickening agent, carrier material, adhesive, swelling body
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