As a tablet disintegrant, pharmaceutical-grade guar gum (under the POLYGUM® product label) is used primarily for oral dosage. It also functions as a coating agent for tablets, as either a normal film or a functional film to cover unpleasant tastes or to ensure delayed absorption of the active ingredient. Conversely, guar gum can also be used in sublingual products.

Pharmaceutical guar gum powders and granulates can be used as thickening agents in powdered formulations. Guar gum's regulating effect on blood sugar levels is also useful for dietary supplements.

In lozenges, pharmaceutical gum arabic provides for a pleasant mouth feel and can be complemented by the addition of pharmaceutical guar gum.

Karaya gum is a natural laxative. Polygal AG's pharmaceutical-grade gum karaya is employed as a powder in formulations or as granules for various applications.

In suppositories, pharmaceutical guar gum is used together with other excipients, including hydrocolloids - especially when an acid-resistant carrier material is needed.

In syrups (especially cough syrups), pharmaceutical tragacanth and guar gum are used as stabilizers. Pharmaceutical tragacanth is often used as an emulsifier, and pharmaceutical guar gum is used for its thickening properties.

NameGuar gum, tragacanth, gum karaya, gum arabic
Brand name
Product names
Guar cyamosidis semini pulvis (Ph.Eur.)
Guar galactomannan (Ph.Eur.)
Guar gum (USP-NF)
EXT pharma series, EXK pharma series, EXA pharma series
Raw material
Guar gum splits, tragacanth lumps, gum karaya lumps, gum arabic lumps
Tablet disintegrant, tablet coating, emulsifier, natural thickening agent, carrier material, laxative, etc.
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