Customised solutions for your individual application

Our pure gums are known under the Polygum brand. The Polygel brand includes a wide range of functional mixtures (compounds) for specific applications.
Polygal Market Customised

Customised Market

Polygal AG not only produces hydrocolloids for the food, personal care, textile, pharmaceutical and paper industries, but thanks to its plants with different production facilities in Switzerland, Spain, Pakistan and China, it is also superbly equipped to cater to other economic sectors, too. With its selection of reactors and blenders, Polygal AG is able to produce hydroxypropylated, carboxymethylated, depolimerized and cationised products for different applications. Polygal AG can offer and develop customer-specific products in collaboration with its partners, based on application and customer specific requirements. Additiontaly Polygal offers contract manufacturing and blending in their facilities.

Main Component: Guar gum, treated for easy dispersion (does not contain preservative agents)
Main Component: Etherified polysaccharide