Polycos A-2500 HV

Product Description

Polycos A-2500 HV is a hydroxypropyl modified natural guar gum and therefore the ideal ingredient for thickening formulations and hydro alcoholic solutions, while providing an emollient and lubricating film forming effect to the skin. The product shows good compatibility with electrolytes, good stability over a large range of pH and improved compatibility with polar solvents. Further it is suitable for clear formulations and provides smooth skin feel



Personal Care

Main Component:

Non-ionic hydroxypropylated guar gum


Hydroxypropyl Guar


Yellowish fine powder






Cold processable in ambient water; also soluble in hydroalcoholic solutions (up to 80% ethanol / 60% Isopropanol) and polar solvents like glycerin or glycols

Why Choose Polycos A-2500 HV

Polycos A-2500 HV from Polygal

Focused on processing natural hydrocolloids for beneficial usage in various industrial applications since 1956.

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