About us –
The Polygal Team

Polygal AG, a family-owned Swiss company, has been focused on processing natural hydrocolloids for beneficial usage in various industrial applications since it was founded in 1956. Our company is dedicated to a sustainable business, based on values such as partnership and social and environmental responsibility. Polygal stands for high quality, providing solutions, innovation, and reliability. That’s what all Polygal employees in Switzerland as well as in all other locations such as Spain, Pakistan, and China are proud of.

Polygal AG

Nature's best, refined with Swiss quality

High-quality standards, interdepartmental quality assurance systems, as well as strict quality control – combined with our extensive experience – ensure that the quality of our products and services is very high, even under difficult conditions.

Innovative for a good reason

We view ourselves as problem solvers and as innovative leaders serving our customers. We know that the potential of our natural raw materials is far from being exhausted, therefore, we are always investigating and opening up new application areas.

Present in cultivation areas

The continual presence of our subsidiaries in the major cultivation areas ensures that the raw materials have a high degree of availability and that we can optimally advise our customers in regards to their planning.

Traditionally independent

Polygal AG is a family business. For our business partners, this ensures solid, continuous, and long-term corporate policies. Quick decision-making, quality awareness, and reliability are matters of course at Polygal AG.

Our Purpose

Polygal – a family company with tradition and vision since 1956.

Passion and curiosity, coupled with ongoing research and development, have made us a world leader in the research and utilisation of plant hydrocolloids.

This is what we stand for:

This is what we do

We provide synergies for a wide range of industries thanks to our flexibility and the fact that we have four sites around the world located close to the raw materials. This makes us a true all-rounder and cross-industry partner.


Our products and technical advice allow our customers to get the greatest benefit from the products they purchase from us. With Polygal they have a reliable partner at their side.


Our autonomy is very important to us. We want to remain autonomous and independent in the future too. Doing so will ensure that we can act quickly, flexibly and in a market-oriented manner at all times.

We are proud to be able to offer secure jobs to motivated and responsible employees, and we know that our staff make Polygal what it is today. We offer them the opportunity to receive specialised training for their job. They are actively involved in the company’s goals and decisions. We encourage them to be bold and to bring new ideas into the company.


Our corporate strategy includes sustainable management in all areas.  We are committed economically, ecologically as well as socially. By delivering profit-oriented business results, we can maintain our independence, offer people meaningful work, support sustainability projects and integrate them into our business.

Our decision makers

The board

Polygal About Us: Emanuel Greminger

Emanuel Greminger

CEO and Chairman of the Board

Polygal About Us: Urs Peter Pelzmann

Urs Peter Pelzmann

Director Marketing & Sales

Polygal About Us: Francesca Paganelli

Dr. Francesca Paganelli

Chief Technology Officer

The Sales Team

Polygal About Us: Jakob Meier

Jakob Meier

Global Division Manager Textile, Personal Care, Pharma & Special Applications

Polygal About Us: Christian Schink

Christian Schink

Global Division Manager Food

Polygal About Us: Stephanie Ettisberger

Stephanie Ettisberger

Sales Pharmaceutical Applications
Marketing & Sales Support Food and Personal Care

About Diversity

We know that good diversity in corporate culture only delivers positive economic and social results.


People from different countries of origin with different backgrounds work at four different locations. We can make ideal use of the linguistic diversity that our company brings with it.


Due to the cultural backgrounds of our employees, we can respond very well to the different demands and needs of our international customers and target groups.


We live an appreciative corporate culture that excludes no one, offers opportunities and creates a harmonious working environment.


Well maintained partnerships are one of the most important values at Polygal.


We can proudly look back on many years of transparent business relationships based on honesty and trust.


We do not see our agents, distributors or customers as pure business partners, but as friends, knowledge sharers and innovation partners. Because it is only by joining forces that we can take our customers› products to the next level and further develop our company in a future-oriented and needs-oriented manner.

Discover where we are active worldwide


Polygal AG Schweiz

Productos Giró S.A. Spain

Polygal Pakistan AG NV

Qingdao Polygal Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Polygal Switzerland

Weinfelderstrasse 13, CH-8560 Märstetten, Switzerland

Productos Giró S.A. Spain

Avda. Codonyol s/n, 43540 Sant Carles de la Ràpita, Spain

Polygal Pakistan AG NV

Plot No. 8-11, Sector C-II Karachi Export Processing Zone Mehran High Way, Landhi 75150 Karachi, Pakistan

Qingdao Polygal Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Jin Gang Lu, Chengyang District, Qingdao, 
Shandong, China, 266000


In order to comply with the constantly increasing requirements for quality and sustainability, Polygal products are regularly tested and certified by the independent testing institutions of well-known organisations.
Zertifiziertes Managementsystem SQS ISO 9100
IQNET Management System Certified
Symbol Bio
ISEGA Produktsicherheit Siegel
Nature Certified
IFS Food Certified


Your career at Polygal

Working at Polygal means belonging to a team that stands up for each other and looks to the future together. We are innovative minds with big visions. Hydrocolloids are our passion. Regardless of whether you see yourself in R&D, marketing and sales or production, we offer interesting positions in every area with global activities.