Guar pods are the fruit of an annual, bush-like plant whose growth depends on the annual monsoon rain. It is grown on small farms in the desert regions of India and Pakistan. Threshing the guar beans releases the seeds from the pods.

The next step involves the thermomechanical dehusking of the seeds and separating the endosperms (splits) from the seedlings. While the seedlings (guar meal) are valued as high-protein animal feed, the guar gum obtained by milling the splits is a versatile emulsifier. The wide range of applications for guar gum in the food industry spans from baked goods to salad dressings and soups.

Further, and of no lesser value guar is an important ingredient and additive in the Textile, Paper, Personal Care, Pharma and Coating & Construction industries.

The guar seeds contain around 37% galactomannan.

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