Polygal, a guarantee for natural paper additives

Polygal AG excels thanks to its wide range of products. Our Polygal brand offers the paper industry a huge selection of native and modified guar gum varieties. These contribute to improving paper properties, such as to support retention, tensile strength and better printability, to name but a few.


Versatile in application, sustainable in use

Paper Market

Polygal is the solution provider for producing very high-quality paper products. The product properties of paper production based on waste paper are being significantly improved, thanks to our guar gums. The low application concentrations of Polygal guar compared to conventional additives provide paper manufacturers with significant economic advantages. We supply our large customers safely and reliably thanks to the high capacities of our two plants in Switzerland and Pakistan.

Polygal products offer in native or modified form, the following properties:

Wet strength fixation

Our anionic guar gum helps cationic wet strength agents to settle on the fibre. This results in an increased wet strength, whereby a reduction of chemicals is possible, which in turn relieves the water cycle.


Sheet formation

Polygal is highly valued as an additive in the paper industry, because guar gum contributes to excellent sheet formation. Guar gum receives a particularly large amount of attention within the field of cigarette papers, as these have to comply with food regulations. Of course, all other types of paper also benefit from the food safety of guar gum.


Relieving the water cycle

Thanks to the low dosage and impressive adhesion of the guar molecules to the fibres, as well as the effect of an anionic dirt trap, which brings guar gum with it, the water cycle of the paper machine remains clean for longer. This has a positive effect on the cost and quality of the paper.



Good sheet formation and improved strength of the Z-direction make Polygal guar gum a popular additive for all kind of printing paper products.

Especially cationically modified Polygal products support the retention properties with excellent sheet homogeneity.

Main Component: Guar gum (free from boric acid and borates)

Polygal guar gum increases the paper strength of tensile, bursting and internal bond.

Main Component: Guar gum (treated for free flowing – free from silicon dioxide or its derivatives)
Main Component: Guar gum carboxymethylated
Main Component: Guar gum (treated for easy dispersion)
Main Component: Guar gum (treated for easy dispersion)
Main Component: Guar gum depolymerised (treated for easy dispersion)

Low-viscosity guar gum is highly valued as a sizing agent – to improve the strength of very fine paper products – or as a carrier for certain chemicals.