Polycos – Beauty in harmony with nature

Polygal offers with their natural based Polycos products, sustainable solutions for the personal care Industry.


Personal Care Market

Polygal has over 60 years of experience in the sourcing and production of natural hydrocolloids. This experience helped us to create a unique range of natural derivatives for the personal care industry.

With its Polycos brand, Polygal offers a wide range of products based on natural hydrocolloids such as guar gum, locust bean gum and rice starch. These products are manufactured in the company’s own production facilities in Switzerland and Spain.


Polycos products can be used in a wide range of formulations in the cosmetics and personal care industry, especially for hair-, body and skin care. Excellent and selected raw materials form the crucial basis for Polycos products. Combined with sound industry-specific know-how and innovative productions technology, the basis is created for unique products. Selected Polycos qualities are verified by ECOCERT GREENLIFE, conform to the COSMOS Standard as well as suitable for HALAL, KOSHER and NATRUE formulations.

Quality and Sustainability

The combination of high-quality standards, interdepartmental quality assurance systems and strict quality controls with many years of experience in the field of hydrocolloids ensures that the quality of our products and services meet the highest standards. Further Polycos focuses on sustainable manufacturing as part of its «green» concept. The natural Polycos gums are produced in environmentally friendly processes.



We work closely with our in-house research and development department to continuously improve the existing products. Our innovation team develops new qualities that take the customers products to the next level. With a worldwide distribution network, we can provide the best service on a global scale. We are experts in our field and are proud to use our knowledge and skills for the benefit of our customers.

Polycos native products for natural cosmetics and personal care formulations

The native grades are 100% based on renewable raw materials. Polycos native products are typically used as individual raw materials and/or in combination with other gel- and film-forming natural raw materials to control viscosity, stabilise emulsions and modify texture. All grades are, biodegradable, non-toxic for aquatic species and have a 100% natrual origin content according to ISO 16128.

Polycos natural based conditioning polymers for hair-, body and skin care

Cationic modified natural guar gums act as conditioning polymers in hair care and body care formulations to deliver functions like hair conditioning, thickening, active delivery and skin feel. The Polycos CA series includes a range of products with different viscosities and cationic charges to provide hair and body care formulators a full range of conditioning and texturizing features.

Main Component: Hydroxypropylated cationic guar gum

Polycos rice starch products for hair-, body, skin care and decorative cosmetics

Natural, physically modified, surface-active rice starches with a specific behaviour due to its fine particle size. They provide a high absorbency for oil and fats and supports the removal of oil from the hair.

Main Component: Physically modified rice (Oryza Sativa) starch
Main Component: Physically modified rice (Oryza Sativa) starch and Cetrimoniumchloride