Polycol WP-001 W

Product Description

«Polycol WP-001 W is a etherified polysaccaride with a very low viscosity mainly used for a controlled water release of dry mortar preparations like self-levelling screeds, gypsum based finishing plasters, and skim coats. Polycol WP-001 W • Has less influence on the cement reaction speed • Leads to homogenous self-levelling with smooth surface build • Regulates the drying process, and improves it especially under warm and/or dry climatic conditions • Leads to a lowering of the stickiness on the trowel equipment»



Coating & Construction

Main Component:

Non-ionic etherified polysaccharides



Fine cream-coloured powder


Typically slight odour


Polycol WP-001 W particularly adapted to being used in any kind of dry mortar preparation, especially if cement and gypsum based. The optimal concentration of POLYCOL WP-001 W must be determined with specific tests by the user himself, in his own formulation.


Cold water soluble

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Polycol WP-001 W from Polygal

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