Product Description

Polycol WP-10 is a etherified polysaccaride with a medium viscosity mainly used as a thickener/rheology modifier for waterbased wall-paints, plasters and other waterbased coatings up to pH max. 11. Further to the thickening effect, the product stabilises pigments and fillers and regulates the water retention (open time) after paint application. Solutions of Polycol WP-10 behave slightly pseudoplastically; i.e. the viscosity decreases slightly as a function of increased shear-rate, independent of time. The production process of Polycol WP-10 includes a special surface treatment, which delays the swelling of the product in water at a neutral or slightly acidic pH. This enables the user to disperse Polycol WP-10 easily in water without getting lumps. By increasing the pH to 8.5 – 9 or higher, the swelling occurs immediately.



Coating & Construction

Main Component:

Non-ionic etherified polysaccharides



Fine cream-coloured powder


Typically slight odour


«Using Polycol WP-10, it is possible to formulate waterborne paints/coatings with a final viscosity similar to such ones containing cellulose-ethers (medium-viscosity grades). The optimal concentration of Polycol WP-10 has to be determined by the user himself within his own formulations. Usually the dosage range in wall paints is around 0.3-1.0%. In order to reach the same “ICI”-value as comparable cellulose-ether grades, a slightly higher concentration of Polycol WP-10 is required. This is due to its higher pseudoplastic characteristic at the same low-shear-viscosity. Components containing borates in the formulation are to be strictly avoided: gelification may occur!»


Cold water soluble

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