Polycos 18/1-85 LS C

Product Description

Native, non-ionic locust bean gum (E-410) for personal care applications. Superior quality with an extremely low count of black specks. It is a naturally derived thickening and texturising agent with a high vicosity and a fine granulation. In combination with other hydrocolloids, it also becomes an emulsion stabiliser and can improve gel strength. Forms typically slightly opaque to transparent solutions.



Personal Care

Main Component:

Locust bean gum


Ceratonia Siliqua Gum


Bright fine powder






Hot processable in water


Why Choose Polycos 18/1-85 LS C

Polycos 18/1-85 LS C from Polygal

Focused on processing natural hydrocolloids for beneficial usage in various industrial applications since 1956.

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Nature's best, refined with Swiss quality

High-quality standards, interdepartmental quality assurance systems, as well as strict quality control – combined with our extensive experience – ensure that the quality of our products and services is very high, even under difficult conditions.

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We view ourselves as problem solvers and as innovative leaders serving our customers. We know that the potential of our natural raw materials is far from being exhausted, therefore, we are always investigating and opening up new application areas.

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The continual presence of our subsidiaries in the major cultivation areas ensures that the raw materials have a high degree of availability and that we can optimally advise our customers in regards to their planning.

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Polygal AG is a family business. For our business partners, this ensures solid, continuous, and long-term corporate policies. Quick decision-making, quality awareness, and reliability are matters of course at Polygal AG.

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